Send welcome messages (JPG/animated GIF/video/audio/game/application/catalogue) automatically (24/7) to all devices (mobile phone/smart-phone/PDA/Tablet/LapTop/PC) in the area, totally FREE.


BlueMarket Pro

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Version: 3.0
Size: 4.16MB
License: Demo

  • English

System requirements:
  • Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
  • Bluetooth dongle
  • SAP Crystal Reports for .NET (for reports)

Supported devices:
  • Mobile phones
  • Smart phones
  • Laptops
  • PC-s
  • and other Bluetooth available devices...

Additional documents:
Discover all devices in range!

Receive files from all devices in range!

Send files to all devices in range!

Activate server that will discover devices, receive/send files automaticaly!

Server settings:
Choose time that BT dongle spend for discovering.
Choose sending type. From one/multi/random file sending.
Activate file ordering.

Ordering files:
Special feature: order file you want by sending "note", "text" or "message" to server. Note should contain name of the file that you want to order, and it must exist in BlueMarket "Outbox" folder.
For example:
If you want to order file: demo.mp3, just make "note" in your phone (text:"demo" or "demo.mp3"), and send it via bluetooth to server address.
In a few seconds you should receive demo.mp3 file to your phone...

Select different Inbox/Outbox folder.

Inbox/Outbox explorer:
Add/remove files that have been received into your inbox folder, or files that you are sending from your outbox folder.

Log viewer:
All BlueMarket activities are recorded into log viewer...